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New Year’s Re-SOUL-utions

New Years – for me, mostly Rosh Hashana – provides the opportunity to look back on the past year and to measure the distance between who I am and who I wanted to be, between where I am and where I wanted to be. And then to figure out what I need to do to get from here to there.

At the secular New Year, I rarely make resolutions. Most resolutions focus on losing weight, breaking addictions, quitting smoking, changing jobs, etc. (A US Government website even lists resources to help people succeed on the most popular New Year’s resolutions.) They seem to set people up for failure.

Re-SOUL-utions for the New Year
But if we think of them as re-SOUL-utions, as attempts to return one’s focus on one’s soul, the process seems more enticing. I definitely could use a push to return to my soul, as daily life seems to get in the way of my better intentions. If I learned anything from my time with the Institute of Jewish Spirituality – and I learned so much from these experiences – it would be that a spiritual practice needs to be planned and followed for it to be meaningful.

So hear are my New Year’s Re-SOUL-utions for 2013:

  • Yoga: To return to a 3x/week yoga practice, as a spiritual practice
  • Walking/Running: To move my butt 2x/week
  • Study: To weekly study Birkat Avraham with my chevruta partner
  • Meditation: To meditate 2x/week – and to accept 10 minutes of meditation as meaningful 
  • Blogging: To blog 4x/week as a way of reflecting upon life and living, and to emphasize and expound upon the values and ideals that are important to me. 
  • Eating: To return to thoughtful eating, eating when I’m hungry, stopping eating when I am satisfied.
  • Blessing: To bless the food I eat and find 3 things each day for which I can say “Thanks”
My Kavannah (intention)
As I begin this practice of re-SOUL-ment, I pledge to be compassionate with myself (if I don’t succeed one week, I’ll try the next). I promise to be hopeful (knowing that what I do is more important than what I do not do). And I intend to reflect upon the en-SOUL-ment that occurs along the way. 
Check In Times
I’ll check in on my progress at Purim, Pesach, Shavuot, Rosh Hashana, and Thanksgiving and Chanukah.  Feel free to encourage me.
What about YOU?
What re-SOUL-utions do you want to make to return you to your soul?

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