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Nothing But Nets: Make a Great Miracle Happen There

Looking for a tzedakah project to shine the light of healing and hope during Chanukah? Each year, malaria infects 500 million people, causing over one million deaths, devastating the society and economy of affected regions.

Wondering what the “Jewish” is? The Talmud, Sanhedrin 4:9, teaches: WHOEVER SAVES A LIFE SAVES THE WORLD ENTIRE.

Why work with Africa’s poor? Rabbi Joshua (in Talmud Sanhedrin 98a) asked, “Where shall I find the Messiah?” “At the gate of the city,” Elijah replied. “How shall I recognize him?” “He sits among the lepers.” “Among the lepers!” cried R. Joshua, “what is he doing there?” “He changes their bandages,” Elijah answered. “He changes them one by one.” That may not seem like much for a Messiah to be doing. But apparently, in the eyes of God, it is a mighty thing indeed.”

For just $10, you can purchase a bed net and help prevent the spread of this terrible disease in Africa through the United Nation Foundation’s Nothing But Nets Initiative. Learn more here.

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