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Quotable Quotes: On Israel and Gaza

Some informative quotes from the morning newspapers, magazines and blogs:

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak: Hamas controls Gaza and is responsible for everything happening there and for all attacks carried out from within the Strip. The goals of this operation are to stop Hamas from attacking our citizens and soldiers,” said Barak.”I would like to remind the world that Israel withdrew from the entire Gaza Strip more than three years ago. We gave a chance for a new reality, and all we’ve seen is Hamas firing rockets and missiles on our citizens and carrying out attacks against Israel,” he noted.(Jerusalem Post, 11/29/08)

Israeli Correspondent Shmuel Rosner: The 2008 Gaza war is the war of the possible And yes, eliminating Hamas’s rule in Gaza is still a (justifiably) desirable final outcome for both Israel, the U.S., and, for that matter, the Fatah-ruled Palestinian Authority. But this will be a long-term goal–“long term” in the sense that no one yet knows when and if ever it will be achieved. What is relatively clear is that Israel doesn’t aim to achieve it now. The 2008 Gaza war is the war of the possible. When Hamas is ready to strike a deal that will end both the operation and “improve the security reality of” Israel’s “southern residents,” the war will be over. (Rosner’s Domain blog, Jerusalem Post, 11/29/08)

Georgetown University (School of Foreign Service) Professor and Jerusalem’s Shalem Center distinguished fellow Michael Oren, in A Crisis and an Opportunity: Nevertheless, the current round of fighting provides Israel with an opportunity to end its painful chronicle of indecision on Gaza and to embark on a lucid and realizable policy. Can Israel co-exist with a Hamas-dominated Gaza? What are the alternatives (the reintroduction of Egyptian forces, for example) to a renewed Israeli occupation of the area? To what degree will the international community accept a zero-tolerance approach to rocket attacks against Israel, and, more crucially, will the incoming Obama administration publicly endorse that stance? These and other questions might be answered in the coming days if Israel, withstanding the media backlash, dares to ask them. (New Republic, 12/28/08)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hashemesh teedom ben aza lrafiach
    yashuvu laiir chayaleem behamon!’

    the sun will shine from gaza to rafich
    and the all the soldiers will return home!’

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