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Rabbis Gather, This Rabbi Kvells

I’m up in San Francisco for the Central Conference of American Rabbi’s convention. 460 Rabbis plus spouses/partners are together in the famed Fairmont Hotel for study, chevruta (friendship), social justice and prophetic pronouncements.

Many are sharing the struggles of their communities as they make their way through the deep recession. Many talk about the infighting that has marked the challenges.

I just listen, and kvell.

Kvelling about a 13th year Bar Mitzvah celebration we just concluded, filled with an inspirational Friday night Bar Mitzvah service, a fun-filled Bar Mitzvah adult Gala party (few talking heads), and a Sunday morning kids party. I’m kvelling about the montage of 13 years of Or Ami. I’m kvelling about the great article in the Acorn about our sacred work.

We all have struggles. I’m proud to be part of a community that scheps nachas along the way.

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