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“Reality of a Death” Mantra

I just woke up and realized again, that man
My dad is dead.
And the world keeps going on and on, although
My dad is dead.
‘Course he’s been disappearing for at least 5 years, but now
My dad is dead.
It was a heart attack that took him so fast, no doubt
My dad is dead.
Taking him finally from his moments of misery. He’s at peace,
My dad is dead.

So now the condolence notes are for ME, because
My dad is dead.
Wow, it seems so strange and so surreal, that
My dad – MY dad – is dead.

I wear the ring he used to wear, because
My dad is dead.
Along with a torn keriah ribbon, because
My dad is dead.

Can it be true?
I guess it is true.
What shall I do, now that
My dad is dead.

I’ll say it again and again and again,
Maybe this time I’ll feel what I know about Ken:

My dad is dead.
He’s dead.
Yes he’s dead.
My dad, MY dad, is dead.

Zichrono livracha – May my dad’s memory be for a blessing


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