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The Rebbetzin’s Husband Blogs Thoughtfully

The Rebbetzin’s Husband (I love his blog subtitle: Perhaps some rabbis marry women and make them rebbetzins but my rebbetzin married me and made me a rabbi. True, true!) offers two informative posts:

The first, Kassams, Air Strikes, Gaza Invasion…, written before Israel responded to the Hamas missile attacks, wrestles with the age-old reality that little works effectively to stop these missiles, but one can’t NOT do anything…

Diplomacy is meaningless. You’re talking to people whose declared goal is to eliminate you. Your goals run directly counter to theirs. So how can you gain their support for your vision? To borrow from Ury, how to Get to Yes?

Threatening bluster is just that, bluster. It accomplishes nothing, the equivalent of a frustrated cry at a television screen or computer monitor.

Sanctions do nothing, because the people running the show in Gaza are happy to let the people suffer. They enjoy it, knowing it brings headlines and international sympathy.

And so we are left with military force, with airstrikes and a ground assault and a lot of burned out buildings and dead bodies and UN resolutions.

The second explores why Gaza residents are living in “refugee camps” when they have control of their own land. In “What is a Refugee Camp,” he writes:

Some Arab families have indeed lived in “refugee camps” for sixty years – not because they have to, but because of one or more of the following factors:
a) The local government will not allow them to take citizenship;
b) They are too busy rocketing Israel to build homes on the land they have;
c) The UN has promised them loads of cash in exchange for agreeing to stay in those camps;
d) They like being able to tell the world they are waiting to return to “their land” in the Ottoman Empire.

Reading the above, I realize that some of it sounds harsh – but it’s also the truth.

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