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Reform Jews Move to Impact Israeli Society

The Jerusalem Post offers this on new Reform Movement focii in Israel:

“Part of our Zionist agenda is not only to connect Reform Jews and Israel, but to impact Israeli society,” said [ARZA’s Rabbi Andrew] Davids. “Our commitment to religious justice issues, to democracy, to pluralism, are tremendously important values that need to be strengthened and supported more in Israeli society. Our aliya efforts are designed to put more troops on the ground to strengthen Israel in these ways.”

This is great news! Focusing the connection to Israel on more than just the older brother taking care of the poor little sister. Israel can be the center stage where the struggle to assert the primacy of Jewish values can play out dramatically. Let’s work diligently to encourage more of our young people – and our less young families – to move to the center, our spiritual center, Israel. The Association for Reform Zionists of America and the Jewish Agency are onto something here! Read on.

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