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Reform Rabbis’ Prayer Works: Rain in Israel after Months of Drought!

There are those who believe that if you pray, God brings the rain. Even though I don’t really believe this theology, it needs to be said. Tongue in cheek. Mostly.

Israel has had a bad winter, at least as far as rain goes. Not enough. Drought-like season.

So the Ultra-Orthodox gather at the Kotel (Western Wall), pray for forgiveness for their sins (sexual) and hope to bring the rain. Some even take credit for it:

Shevat 28, 5769, 2/22/2009. Sheer Coincidence?, We wrote that sexual transgression prevents rain from falling in Israel. We said that Thursday night’s mass prayer at the Kotel was to atone for sexual transgressions. Look what happened. It has been raining buckets ever since.

Sheer coincidence, right? Pure happenstance. You’ve got to be kidding! For sure, our
prayers brought the rain.

Here’s the rub. The ultra-orthodox prayed for weeks. No rain.

Then Reform Rabbis gathered en masse on February 23rd in Jerusalem for the Central Conference of American Rabbis convention and voila! It rains. It pours.

Now I’m not saying that our prayers brought the rain.

But it IS kind of interesting that while various orthodox groups have been praying for rain all season. But when we put our prayers to it, the rain comes.

Hmmm… Perhaps if we extended more religious rights to the Progressive Movement in Israel, we could really renew the state, making it clean (of religious corruption), shine (with the light of real Jewish spirituality) and sparkle(with the brightness of social justice).

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