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Shabbat’s Coming! Pix from the Holy Land

Check out all sorts of pictures. One set includes pictures (artsy-ish) from Machane Yehuda, Jerusalem’s open air market. I love the smells, colors and sounds.


  1. Susan says:

    I remember the hustle & bustle of the open air market (Machane Yehuda) increasing as the clock ticked down until shabbat. (Remember that cute orthodox man that I couldn't keep my hands off of?) The cacaphony of vendors voices and the tables filled with so many fresh goods! Your photos reminded me of the scavenger hunt we went on through the shops to find the items for our joint service with the local reform congregation. I had to find Bisli – somethign which Joanna's Israeli friends had introduced her to earlier that year. Enjoy the final hours of this trip and have a safe journey home.

    Sue Gould
    The Troublemaker

  2. Donna Barwald says:

    “Light Rain” Project? Was that an intentional pun or a typo? Jerusalem in the rain looks so dreary compared to sunny Tel Aviv.

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