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The Tasty Fruits of Israeli Innovation

Did you know that:

  • Amazon’s Kindle was made in Israel?!
  • A World Autism Center is being build in Israel?!
  • Israel’s have discovered how to float solar panels on water?!
  • A bracelet made in Israel can tell caretakers when an epileptic seizure is happening?!
  • The Mideast’s first synchrotron is being built in Israel with researchers from across the Mideast?!

I recently rediscovered a fabulous website about Israel: Israel21c.org.  It is well worth a look or two or three.

Israel, to the extent that it is understood by Americans at all, is generally seen as a place of war; a place that is characterized by virtually nothing but the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians. So often we focus on the conflict in the Mideast.

Yet, Israel is regularly is having a major impact on our world in very positive ways.  Israel and Israelis are having an impact on individual lives through their efforts in health, technology, culture, democracy and clean tech.

Israel21c, a non-profit educational foundation with a mission to focus media and public attention on the 21st century Israel that exists beyond the conflict, identifies, researches and reports on how Israelis create, innovate, improve and add value to the world.

Studies substantiate that when Americans learn about the ways in which Israel adds value to their lives, their affinity and respect for Israel increases. We improve Israel’s image around the world by allowing people to understand the reality; Israel is seen through the lenses of its humanness, its diversity and all that it contributes through medical advances, technological innovation, art, culture and acts of human kindness.

Check out these innovations that Israel21C is bringing to light:

  • Amazon’s Kindle: A Made-in-Israel story: They made Java “cool” again by using it to develop a device for reading the Kindle, and once again a major tech invention emanates from Israel.
  • World autism center in Jerusalem: At the first global research and education center for autism, to be built in Jerusalem, the plan is to integrate all the systems that work.
  • Solar energy that floats on water: Award winning Israeli company Solaris Synergy has designed solar energy grids that can float on water, reducing energy production costs, and preventing water loss.
  • Swift help for epilepsy: The new electronic EpiLert bracelet under development in Israel will signal caregivers when the wearer begins to suffer a dangerous seizure.
  • Open SESAME – building the MidEast’s first synchrotron: Politics aside, researchers from across the Middle East are working together in the name of science on a futuristic project that will enable scientists to study everything from proteins to archaeological…

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