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That Hidden Pain, that Tidal Wave of Torment

He feels pain, that won’t let go
She feels pain, she’s afraid to let show
The world’s now darkened, where it once was aglow
Like living in the shadows, ‘neath the walls of Jericho
Where we once approached each day, with energetic gusto
The pain now overwhelms, say those in the know

It’s affected his employment, reduced her workflow
It controls her life, requires that he kowtow

It exploded their lives, like a career torpedo
As they live within, their personal Kosovo
They feel all alone, which is quite apropos

It’s like knowing you’re right there, in the hairs of a crossbow
In isolation so stark, like a compound in Idaho

It still sends them spinning, like intense vertigo
Like drowning on land, pulled down by an invisible undertow
Like reeling in the ruins, of a 2008 stock portfolio
Or trying to pick up the pieces, after a Kansas tornado

This one can’t get going, without a double espresso
That one can’t get through, without a few glasses of Bordeaux

We all watch it happen, what to do we don’t know
Let the response not be silence, or quid pro quo
Not acting surprised, not just exclaiming “Whoa!”

But listening and learning, about each fallen domino
Until one day they become, a pain-soaked manifesto
Which we will study with the intensity, of a stunning Van Gogh
Committing ourselves, to not letting it go
Before we bring each other, out of the darkest shadow.