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There’s No Poetry During Shloshim

Seems there’s no poetry during Shloshim
Even though I tried to write it all day
Seems there’s no poetry during Shloshim
Somehow life kept getting in the way

I wanted to capture the rollercoaster
That spun me around, up and down
So hopeful in the morning on day three
Until melancholy took me to town

I sought to express my self-assurance
After 24 hours without tears
I attempted to hold onto the moment
However briefly, I really didn’t care

I tried writing couplets after my friend called
Whose kindness gave me all the feels
But when the feels turned into melancholy
No clever verses of the heart were revealed

I pushed through with my nose to the grindstone
My heart fluttered with excitement at lunch
I thought to call my dad to share the new project,
Oops, he’s dead – another sucker punch

At the end of the day in the driveway
Realizing the day just wouldn’t improve
I sat back, closed my eyes, so exhausted
I slept there ‘cause I just couldn’t move

No there’s no poetry during Shloshim
Just remembering dad, feeling feelings that ensue
Saying Kaddish, not shaving, but writing
Riding the wave, living on, pushing through


*Shiva refers to the seven days immediately following the funeral when a mourner is surrounded by community

**Shloshim refers to the 30 days after the funeral when a mourner slowly expands the place within the community

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