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Top 15 Reasons Rabbi Julia Weisz is So Fabulous

On Friday night (October 13th), at the Rudyan Family Campfire Circle Or Ami consecrates (formerly “installs”) Julia Weisz as Or Ami’s second rabbi. Through a Sukkot inspired ceremony, she officially joins the clergy team with Cantor Doug Cotler and me. Come celebrate with us (6:00 pm for a BYO picnic; 7:30 pm for the service).

Rabbi Weisz served for two years as Or Ami’s Rabbinic Intern. Last year, she also served as our Educator. She has become an integral part of our Or Ami community. Why?

Top 15 Reasons Why Rabbi Julia Weisz is So Fabulous

  1. Her energy and enthusiasm for Jewish learning is transforming our educational programs.
  2. She has inspired over 32 teens to become Madrichim, teen teaching assistants in Kesher, Mishpacha and Hebrew Tutoring.
  3. In partnership with our program director Marsha Rothpan, she has developed an exciting, engaging program of adult learning.
  4. She fits well into our clergy team of Rabbi Paul and Cantor Doug.
  5. She delivers meaningful sermons.
  6. She tells great Shabbat stories.
  7. Her counseling is particularly insightful.
  8. Her wit is wonderful.
  9. Rabbi Paul and Cantor Doug have particularly enjoyed having another colleague to brainstorm with and learn from.
  10. As Super Kesher, she makes our students love being at Or Ami.
  11. She epitomizes Henaynu, our commitment to being there for each other.
  12. She has reinvigorated our High Holy Day youth program.
  13. Her Faculty meetings are incredibly inclusive.
  14. She looks way better in a dress than either Rabbi Paul or Cantor Doug (as they have done on many a Purim night).
  15. She is a fabulous female Jewish role model for our youth.
Add to our list: What other reasons is Rabbi Julia so fabulous?

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