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Underground Israel

Tuesday, January 29, 2008 – Underground Israel

Kibbutz Ayalon Bullet Making Factory – very ingenious. Michelle and I marveled that our oldest son has the kind of mind that could have figured out how to build a working factory underground that was safe, effective and hidden. (I wrote about this amazing place during our 2006 Israel trip).

Palmach Museum – had people in tears. So emotional, telling the story, in one of the best museum multimedia installations ever, about this pre-Israel defense and striking force. I have fond memories of first visiting this museum with Mark Wolfson.

Ride to Dead Sea – lots of interesting geological formations and camels too. Susan Gould regaled me with explanations of how the earth could look as it did. Apparently she knows a lot about geology!

Spa Treatments in the hotel – I thought I died and went to heaven. 90 minutes of Swedish massage.
Floating in the Dead Sea – many congregants went. Michelle and I used the hotel’s indoor saltwater pool. Was enough for us.

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