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University of California Reinstates its Israel Study Program

My buddy Rick Winer, with whom I will spend a week in Israel next year, writes on his blog that the University of California system has voted to again allow students to study abroad in Israel. He notes:

The University of California determined in 2002 that travel to Israel was not sufficiently safe enough for its students. Several other American universities followed the U.S. State Department warning and suspended their programs in Israel. While tourism to Israel has been down in recent years, these actions certainly did not prevent students from spending time in Israeli universities. However, the return of U.C.’s EAP is welcome, not only for the confidence it shows in Israel but also for the wonderful educational opportunities it will return to students.

As fascinating is a picture of Rick and his wife Laura during their college days, when they were both in Israel. But you have to click over to his blog to see it.

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