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Where I Get My News about Israel

With the onset of the Israeli response to the unending Hamas rocket fire into Southern Israel, many of us have been starved for news about the Israel Defense Forces’ Gaza operation. [Picture at left is from Jerusalem Post, of a border police officer inspects damage, after a rocket fired by Palestinian terrorists from within the Gaza Strip hit a house in Tkuma, near the southern Israeli town of Netivot.] Here’s where I get my Israeli news:

  • Israeli Embassy in Washington DC
  • AIPAC, American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Lobby’s Congress and the Administration on Israel
  • Near East Report, publication of AIPAC
  • Israeli Insider, website of news, views and shmooze. Collects many Israeli news sources
  • Middle East Bulletin, a publication of Middle East Progress at the Center for American Progress (centrist)

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  1. great list, but i must admit to getting a lot of my information from on-the-ground non-mainstream media sources these days. Jameel of the Muqata, with whom I don’t always agree, always has really timely info: http://muqata.blogspot.com/ and I am usually pretty impressed these days with Twitter in a crisis (although it was better during the Mumbai crisis than this one – there is a lot of anti-Israel tweeting that doesn’t really help/fit into the information stream….)

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