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Who Is Counting? … Me!

This is my ninth trip to Israel since birth. A pause to recount:

  1. A family trip connected to my sister Lori becoming a Bat Mitzvah.
  2. The NFTY Leadership Machon Year in Israel, between high school and college, living at Machon Greenberg, Kiryat Moriah in Jerusalem, 1981-82.
  3. Rabbinical Studies Year in Israel study at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, living off Rechov HaPalmach, near the President’s house, 1986-87.
  4. A post-ordination trip, with Michelle and our (then) 9 month old daughter, to see travel and visit family and friends, 1992. Visited my sister Lori and her (then) two kids.
  5. The Rabbinical CCAR convention in Jerusalem, a mini-trip I shared with my father-in-law Murray November. Fun, energizing, but shortened by the death of our beloved grandmother Ruby Gilner, 2002.
  6. Or Ami’s first official Mission to Israel 2004, a two person trek with congregant Mark Wolfson. Two men, Or Ami’s “Advance Team,” showing up in the Holy Land during the Intifada, proof for a frightened American Jewish community that it was safe to travel to Israel. It was my wife’s 40th birthday present to me.
  7. Or Ami’s first Family Trip to Israel, rescheduled from the summer of Lebanon 2 War to December 2006. In addition to introducing our children to Israel for what I hope will be the first of their many visits, we led a delegation of 40 people total. A wonderful multigenerational experience. Read about it here.
  8. Or Ami’s first Adults only trip, with 23 Or Ami members, our guide Alexandra and our driver Avi in January 2008. First class all the way, great hotels, great connections, and snow in Jerusalem. Read about it here.
  9. This trip: brief touring with Mark Wolfson and his three son in laws, followed by a glorious week attending the CCAR convention, 2009. Read about it here.

How many times have YOU been to Israel? How were these trips meaningful?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was part of the first family trip to Israel and it remains fresh in my mind to this day. The raucous pre-Shabbat market of Mechane Yehuda (sp?) with those delicious chocolate rugelah warm from the ovens of Marzipan Bakery, wandering on the plateau of Masada with the kids finding treasures (okay, planted in advance by Alexandra), a freezing cold dip in the Dead Sea followed by a brief camel ride, listening to a Kabbalah artist in Safed, and marveling at the bombed-out wreckage of their next door neighbor’s house. A fish dinner at Lake Kinneret, the amazing breakfast buffet at the Dan Panorama hotel in Tel Aviv, the Hannukkah candles glowing our very first night there. It was truly a life-changing trip for all of us.

    kate Gurewitz

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