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Why Israel Needed a Ground Operation

Rosner’s Domain offers this analysis of why Israel had to undertake a ground operation. Note that it begins with a perception by Israelis but quickly turns to the perception now within the Hamas, Hezbollah and other Arab Street minds:

Previous polls have shown that Israelis are apprehensive about the kind of ground operation in Gaza that has just begun. This is a direct reflection of Israelis’ dwindling confidence in the IDF’s ability to emerge victorious from a ground war in this dense and treacherous territory. And this very skepticism is a key factor in Israeli leaders’ decision to go in on the ground last night.

If Israelis, traumatized by the 2006 Lebanon war, have a hard time believing they can win a ground war against Hamas, so do Israel’s neighbors. Hamas spokespersons were bragging last week that Israel would not dare invade Gaza, and promised that the Jewish state would pay a high price if it did. If the Gaza war ended without a ground operation, Hamas leaders would have crowed that Israel was deterred by Palestinian forces, and this would have led to a further erosion of Israel’s reputation as a nation that cannot be intimidated. If Arab terrorists perceive Israel as a country wary of conflict, terrorist groups will only attack more in hopes of defeating the paper tiger.

So – the IDF and Israel’s leaders have three goals in launching this ground war: First, they want to make Hamas pay a price that will force it into a renewed ceasefire. Second, they must prove to the Arab world that Lebanon 2006 did not turn Israel into a country afraid of war. And third, they must engender renewed Israeli confidence in the country’s armed forces.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We have all said it before… no one likes or wants war, but sometimes it is thrust upon us. Sometimes we have no choice. Sometimes, despite the one-sided cries of the world, we have to do what is best for us and our people… we need to stand up and fight. Israel is used to facing criticism, sad but true. She should not, however, have to get used to facing a daily barrage of rockets, missiles and mortars.

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